Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Dark, Dark Day

Cuse just lost to UMass. UMass put up one hundred and seven points. Let's put that in numerical form: 107. In fact, according to forward Donte Greene, coach Jim Boeheim told the team after the game that they were "the worst defensive team in Syracuse history." The basketball team at Syracuse, at least the past few years, is supposed to rescue SU faithful from the edge of the cliff that football has been pushing the fans towards. Well, today was not the therapy needed.

Between this and GRob coming back I'm just about ready to throw up. SU's athletics have been declining every since AD Daryl Gross and Chancellor Ms. Nancy have come to town. It's a dark, dark day for Syracuse sports. In football, SU has accepted the goal of mediocrity, and in basketball it looks as if 'Cuse will be on the bubble once again, after making the NIT last year.

When I looked at Syracuse as a potential college to attend sports was a huge draw. But now Nancy has taken away the Orangemen from us, and the teams have progressively gotten worse and worse.

Let's just hope the"defense" can improve before Big East play. If not, we're in for a lonnnnng next year.

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