Thursday, November 29, 2007

Joe Pa vs. Greg Robinson

Sorry for all those who aren't Orange fans...but these past few days have been quite newsworthy in Central New York.

Syracuse decided to hold on to a coach who had won seven games in three years, and therefore set reaching mediocracy as the ultimate goal of SU football. All this for a big 'ol $1 million per year. That's a little less than a half million for each victory.

Compare that to Joe Paterno at Penn State. It was revealed today, after a long court battle, that he will earn $512,664 in salary this year. That's laughably half that of a unsuccessful first time college coach at Syracuse. Seven career wins = $1 million per year. 371 wins = $512,664.

Boy, I hope the Syracuse Athletic Department and the football program have simply been hustling other teams, setting them up by fielding an awful Syracuse team, only to surprise them all in the near future with a well oiled steam roller of an SU squad. They must know something we don't.

Cause half the price is well worth it for an old man who can make it through this (spoiler - a broken leg):

And who also provides the campus with some legendary stories, and unforgettable lines like:
"He [the driver] says, 'That's my wife.' Paterno said he responded to the driver's husband, "Boy, that's your problem." [STORY BELOW]


Here's the Paterno salary link:

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