Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Movie Line of the Week, and How it Applies to Sports

“Don’t tell me how blackmail works! I blackmail people all the time!” – Jeremy Piven in Old School

This might have also been said by Knicks guard Stephon Marbury last week before he told reporters that coach Isiah Thomas couldn’t bench him because Starbury had too much dirt on Isiah. It might have come after a concerned comment from a friend or family member, such as the following.

“But Stephon, that’s not how you blackmail someone. You tell them privately that you are blackmailing them, you don’t announce it in a press conference. If you do, it makes you look bad, plus blackmail is illegal so you want to be discrete about it.”

Is there a tougher job in America than the Knicks PR man? But hey, maybe this two game winning streak will change things.

But it’s not like Starbury hasn’t done anything good this year. He showed that President Bush wasn’t the only person adding to the dictionary when he created the word “youthier.”

-By Andrew Vitelli

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