Friday, November 30, 2007

Top Ten Reasons for Knicks Fans to Get off the Ledge

Out of market Knicks fans, and NBA fans as well, finally got the chance to watch the Knickerbockers on national television last night. It was quite the nailbiter as the Knicks kept within 50 points of the first-place Celtics for most of the game, but couldn’t make that final surge, losing 104-59. After a tough loss when a win looked imminent, it might seem like the Knicks have hit a low point, but here are some reasons for optimism that Isiah could pitch to Knickerbocker faithful:

TOP TEN, delivered by yours truly, Isiah Thomas:

10. We ended the Celtics game on a 16-9 run. We didn’t lose, we just ran out of time.

9. Reggie Miller is still retired.*

8. If QRich's back heals and he gets a bit younger, if Jamal stops shooting so much, if Steph gets his head together and proves he can win, if Nate can mature, if Eddy can hustle and if Malik can grow six inches (wait he’s still on the team?!) then we'll be OK.

7. Frederic Weis should be ready soon to give this team the spark it needs and put us in position for our championship run.

6. If Stephon can find some dirt on David Stern, the commissioner will have to put us in the playoffs.

5. We’ve just pitched a $15 million dollar contract to Chris Dudley to create a needed logjam in the frontcourt.

4. At least now, when the team gets in brawls, Jeff Van Gundy isn’t involved (see video).

3. We don’t settle out of court, or on it.

2. We still have Jerome James.

1. I, Isiah, will make another sacrifice, and become the first ever GM/Head Coach/Shooting guard.

* Reggie, if you actually join the Celtics and sit on their bench to win a ring, then we’re personally sending Anthony Mason after you.

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