Friday, December 28, 2007

16-0 meaningless, 19-0 is what counts

Tom Coughlin would be crazy to play Plaxico and Jacobs this Saturday as the Giants try to stop the Pats from going 16-0. It would be great to be the team to end the Pats’ perfect season. But considering that they have a playoff game a week later, it really doesn’t make sense to be clawing tooth and nail for a hard fought victory when their playoff seed has already been set. The game means a lot more for the Patriots than it does for the Giants, plus if the Pats get banged up they have a bye week coming up.

The rest of the league (not to mention the ’72 Dolphins) may not be thrilled to see a team roll over and let the Pats complete the first 16-0 regular season in history. But the Pats still have to win three playoff games for the 16-0 to mean anything. Think the ’72 Dolphins won’t be popping champagne if the Pats lose to the Colts in the Conference Championship Game? Without a Super Bowl Championship, 16-0 will mean nothing.

Back to the Giants. Sunday’s game against the Bills was a perfect example of a team winning in spite of their quarterback. By the fourth quarter, all Eli had to do was hand the ball to either Jacobs or rookie running back Ahmad Bradshaw, and he couldn’t even do that. Eli fumbled five times, losing two, and threw two interceptions. At this point, whenever Eli drops back to pass, I pray for an incompletion.

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andrew disalvo said...

Eli Manning... unstoppable...