Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thoughts on the Mitchell Report

· One of the biggest surprises to me is that Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa are not on the list. I know that the list doesn’t include every major leaguer who has ever used steroids, and that absence of proof isn’t the same as proof of absence, but I would imagine that Mitchell tried pretty hard to find something on those two guys and came up empty. This report should somewhat vindicate them and put them both in the Hall.
· If even one player who is listed is able to prove his innocence, this list is going to lose a whole lot of credibility. The evidence on some of the players, such as Baltimore’s Brian Roberts and former Yankee David Justice, is simply one player or trainer’s recollection of a conversation that took place years before. However, very few players have come out immediately and said that the information on the report was false, although Justice’s claim of innocence actually sounds pretty sincere.
· Is it any surprise that a guy named McNamee named names? Come on major league players, you had to see that coming.
· My friend Jordan made a great point today: Jose Canseco is the Al Gore of baseball. Ever since he has been out of the game, he has done everything short holding a press conference about his sexuality to stay relevant, but still no one really takes him seriously. Canseco even tried to sneak his way into the Mitchell Report press conference, but was not allowed in because it was media only. He then re-stated that he had shocking information about Alex Rodriguez, but once again wouldn’t say what it was or why it didn’t make it into his book. I’m just waiting for a SportsCenter breaking news story on Canseco’s attempts to kill ManBearPig.

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