Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Five year old southerner slaughters beast 12 times his size

This story is just too much. In case you didn't see it yesterday here it is.

A five year old named Tre, who can barely speak, shot a 445 pound black bear in Arkansas. He then proceeded to sit on the dead body like it was a swing - which a child his age should probably be playing with instead of a gun. But hey, gotta give it up to the kid. He's got it in his blood, as his 10th great grandfather is Davy Crockett. Last year he killed three a four year old.

Tre's next goals are a turkey and an elk. Come on Tre. You're a prodigy. You just shot a bear, why move down to turkey? What about an elephant? Or maybe a Great White Shark?

This whole hunting thing is just too much. Maybe it's cause I'm a northern almost city-boy. But I just don't get the whole thing. I'm sure its fun to shoot things, but i mean aren't there other targets? And isn't it a bit much to pose with the dead carcass like its your prom date (pics below)? And isn't five a bit young? Maybe it's a hoax, as last years thousand pound Hog killing may have been.

Warning: Somewhat creepy pictures below

- Pat

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