Sunday, December 16, 2007

Live sunday football thoughts

Some random thoughts from Sunday's day of football, as I'm now joined by two friends from high school, the infamous Mundo and awful Giants/Bills fan Joe:

- Tony Romo is making a great push to ruin my fantasy week with a terrible first half. I have to blame this on Jessica Simpson's presence. All men know that it's tough to play well when a significantly interested woman is spectating. Simpson is even donning a Romo jersey a la high school cheerleader. He's thrown two interceptions, one of them in the end zone. We all saw what Simpson did to Nick Lachey's career, Tony better be careful.
Joe thinks that it's not a problem, and that he'll have a "huge second half." I don't know. I'm skeptical.

(update 7:23 p.m.) - Romo was shook all game long. He threw another pick, this one was a late game crucial interception. He also fumbled a few times. Ms. Chicken of the Sea casted a spell over Tony. This is really going to test their relationship. "I was wrong again" - Joe.

Also, how about that slide-down by Westbrook at the end of the game when he could have waltzed into the Dallas endzone? When do you see a player give up personal stats to seal the deal like that? Most NBA players won't hoist up 3/4 court shots at the ends of quarters to preserve their three-point percentage. It was nice to see a player sacrifice almighty stats.

- Mundo noted that he can't remember the last time that the Steelers have played in bright sunshine. It always seems to be raining, snowing or just grey when Pittsburgh plays. And especially at Heinz Field, where the field is always a mess. And the game is always ugly.

- Funny to see the unbridled joy after the Dolphin's first win of the season over the Baltimore Ravens. The crowd was ecstatic, the players were hugging each other like they just clinched a playoff spot. Their owner was even crying. But you've got to give it to them, to stick together through such a rough season without being at each other's throats.

- The Jets had a realistic shot at taking down the Patriots...or at least taking the game into overtime. But they couldn't get the big break in the game. As for the fans, as much as I hate Patriot fans, I would have been throwing snowballs all over the field too. That just looked like too much fun. Some of them flew out of the stands at twice the velocity of Chad Pennington's tosses.

- Fred Taylor had a huge game. I don't know if there's a more enigmatic player in the NFL. He's wildly talented and has put up big numbers, but they just rarely seem to be acheived for an extended period of time.

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