Monday, December 17, 2007

Eli Manning Unstoppable?

We’ve all seen the new Citizen-Ecodrive commercials with Eli Manning. We’ve all had the same reaction to the claim that Eli Manning was unstoppable (mostly: “Hey, whoever is in charge of advertising for this watch company got Eli and Peyton mixed up!” or “So I guess the watch runs well until noon and then stops working”). Some other companies have also selected the wrong spokesperson and motto, however.

O.J Simpson, spokesman for Windex
“Will leave your windows and countertops as squeaky-clean as O.J.”

Bobby Petrino, spokesman for Energizer “Like Bobby Petrino, Energizer batteries never quit.”

Bill Belichick, spokesman for Men’s Wearhouse
“You’re going to like the way you look, Bill Belichick guarantees it.”

Curt Schilling, spokesman for Midas Mufflers
“Keeps your car as quiet as Curt.”

Brandon Jacobs (who dropped about 40 passes Sunday), spokesman for All-State
“You’re in good hands, like Brandon’s.”

New York Knicks, spokesmen for Avis.
“We try harder. So do the Knicks.”

Scott Boras, spokesman for DeBeers.
“Like a Scott Boras contract, a diamond is forever.”

Carl Pavano, spokesman for Smith Barney.
“Like Carl, we make money the old-fashioned way – we earn it.”

Gary Williams, spokesman for Gillette.
“Be like Gary. Never let ‘em see you sweat.”

Brian McNamee, spokesman for Las Vegas.
“What happens here, stays here.”

And we didn’t even have to bring up Michael Vick.

Other thoughts:

- Pat yesterday praised Brian Westbrook for taking a dive at the goal line. I have Westbrook on my fantasy team, and going into Monday nights action I am down 5 points. Needless to say, Pat and I disagree about this one.

- After the injury to Shockey, someone on ESPN pointed out that the Giants always limp into the playoffs. Considering the Giants' last two games are at Buffalo and against New England, limping into the playoffs isn’t the worst they could do.
- The Ravens were one play away from being the team that ended the Patriot’s perfect season. Instead, they are the team that ended the Dolphins’ winless season.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently Eli Manning IS unstoppable. :)Citizen must have visionaries in their marketing department.