Thursday, February 7, 2008

19-0? Not as bad as some of these titles

Much has been made about the 19-0 book that was available on for preorder. However, there have been many lesser known books that have been pulled from the bookshelf:

Mo than a Feeling: How the Mo Vaughn trade led the Mets to the World Series

No KG, No Problem: Story of the Timberwolves’ rise to greatness after trading overrated stiff Kevin Garnett (sequel to We Don’t Need Ew!: How the Knicks finally got their title after trading Patrick Ewing)

Yes We Ken!: How the Jets gamble to take Ken O’Brien over Dan Marino paid huge dividends

The American President: The Rudy Giuliani Story

Simply the Best: Knicks guard Stephan Marbury proclaimed himself the best point guard in the NBA. This is the story of how he proved it on the hardwood.

Joe Lamath: How Broadway Joe embarrassed himself with ridiculous guarantee (only on list to make Pat happy)

Finally!!: The tale of how Barry Bonds got that elusive ring.

Urbina’s Gardening Guide: How to keep your yard and garden in great shape without having to do too much work yourself

The Right Choice: The tale of Drew Henson's path to baseball immortality

Loyalty 101: co-authored by Bobby Petrino and Rich Rodriguez - telling the story of how loyalty lasts forever

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