Sunday, February 10, 2008

Loose Change II, Super Bowl Edition

This ridiculous video was brought to our attention, and I felt it was our role to ridicule the makers and everyone else who is involved or persuaded by it. It is similar to Loose Change, but is about how the NFL had a conspiracy to give the Giants the Super Bowl by mismanaging the clock and giving them more time. It’s long and poor quality, but if you want to watch it here is the link.

Where the Patriots Robbed of a Super Bowl Win? This conspiracy theorist`s video proves that the referees gave the Giants extra time on the clock.

In case you skipped it, it basically says that when Jacobs converted on fourth and one the clock stopped when it shouldn’t have and when Manning was tackled and lost the ball it shouldn’t have stopped. In both cases, he’s at least somewhat wrong. Even though the officials did not bring out the chains after Jacobs’ run, they met on the field, which calls for a clock stoppage. After Manning lost the ball, there was a pile up as players thought the ball might be live. An unnecessary pile up also calls for a time stoppage (I didn’t look this up, someone else said it, but it sounds right). The refs might have left a few more seconds on the clock than they should have, but it’s nowhere near the amount of time that this guy claims. Also, the Giants scored with 35 seconds left so it’s not like a few ticks would have necessarily mattered.

What is even more ridiculous is the reaction that some Patriots fans have had to it. There is a petition for Commissioner Roger Goodell to review the last two minutes with over 12,000 signatures. There is a Facebook group dedicated to it with over 8,000 members. There is even a clothing line with articles of clothing bearing the phrase “New York is where wins are handed down. Foxboro is where wins are won.”

This is not representative of Pats fans in general, as I’m sure that the vast majority of them probably find this video, clothing line and petition dumber than a Dick Cheney workout video. It was just too ridiculous for me to not comment on. Also, the maker of the website doesn't know the difference between were and where.

- Andrew Vitelli


Sleepin with the Fishes said...

Wins are handed down in New York right? Hey, the Giants didn't get caught cheating...

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