Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nuts and Bolts, Nuts and Bolts, We Got.....

Here are some sports tidbits to hold you over before you’re barraged with 72 straight hours of ESPN coverage of the Roger Clemens congressional testimony.

What game were they watching?
Somehow, inexplicably, the Big East coordinator of officials Art Hyland stood behind the last second call that handed Georgetown a win over Villanova. For those who didn’t see the game, ‘Nova was whistled for a foul as Georgetown recovered a loose ball and started moving upcourt. Sounds OK right? Well, factor in that Georgetown’s Jonathan Wallace was 80 feet from the basket, and there was .1 seconds on the clock, and it becomes a bit murky. Murky enough for the somewhat reserved ESPN commentator Sean McDonough to call it “absolutely awful.”
Here is the play:

This is what Hyland said of the call thanks to an ESPN article:

“There is no force-out rule and if [Wallace] was forced out, he either was bumped for a foul or he stepped out of bounds," Hyland said. "When a kid is bumped and goes out of bounds, you have to make a call. It's a judgment call."

Hyland said the timing of the foul does not matter.

"A foul is a foul," Hyland said. "It's a judgment situation."

I’m sorry, but that is just horrible reasoning. A player got a slight hip check, 80 feet from his basket. Even if he was falling out of bounds, you let the clock run out. There was no way Georgetown was going to score or even get off a shot. No way. At this time, officials always just take the whistle out of their mouths. Unless there’s a clear punch to someone’s face, no fouls are going to be called in such a situation so far from the hoop. Even near the hoop, once the clock gets inside five seconds or so, foul calls are rare. So shame on you Big East officials, that’s one time when a fan actually can definitively point to a referee and say, ‘he cost us the game.’

You stay classy Mr. Stewart
Right off the bat, I don’t know anything about NASCAR and I want to keep it that way. But ESPN, looking for every last viewer on the planet, decides to pound racing coverage into everyone’s head. Thankfully this time it was pretty funny. Tony Stewart, who is almost like the Ron Artest or Stephen Jackson of NASCAR, is always getting in trouble. I don’t follow racing at all, but I feel like every few weeks I hear about Tony Stewart punching someone else. This time it was Kurt Busch who he socked after an on-track incident. First of all, someone needs to man up and just knock him out. Why does he get a free pass to just walk around and punch whoever he pleases? Maybe it’s because he seems to keep piling on pounds like he was trying to qualify for the Heavyweight class. He seems to be getting fatter and fatter each time I see him after punching someone. But as big of a jerk as he seems, he’s just about the only one producing interesting news relevant to NASCAR.

And you too Sports Illustrated, stay classy
I find it hilarious that every year Sports Illustrated, the media company dedicated to hard hitting sports news, analysis and great columns and writing, basically sells a soft core porn issue. The swimsuit edition is just amazingly creepy. I understand, most guys like sports, and those guys also usually like scantily clad women. But SI comes off as a classy sports outlet, with sports all the time and interesting human interest pieces. The formula of guys liking both sports and women is usually saved for the Maxims of the world. But each year, SI seems to throw everything out the window and produce the swimsuit issue. Maybe there is some sort of Title IX thing at SI, where they have to have an equal amount of men and women pictured in their magazines per year, and this is their way of making that even out. Maybe. Or maybe it just sells. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate it. And I might still have a few issues. But I just can’t help laughing at the breasts peering down at an angry Roger Clemens.

I’ll leave you with this clip. We’re just about rounding out the time when Giants fans can acceptably bask in the glory of their Super Bowl victory. So as one last entry, I’ll throw this video in. Now I don’t like the Giants, but the lyrics are pretty accurate in hating on the Patriots, which I thoroughly enjoy. Despite the horrific Michael Jackson imitation and the wretched voices of Giants fans, it’s worth watching (thanks to Craig for the tip).


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