Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Bowl Betting Guide

Everybody knows that the Patriots are 11.5 point favorites and the Over/Under is 54.0, but there are plenty other bets that you can make for the big game. If you like any of these odds, you still have two days to get in touch with your bookie.


-Tiki tries to take credit for Giants success: 1-2 (I think he’ll play the “mentor” card)
-Peyton gets more screen time than Eli: Even
-Pam Oliver, on Giants sideline, points out “it’s warmer than Packers game!”: Even
-After a Maroney 5-yard run, Buck/Aikman claim that “he is really the key to the Patriots success”: 2-1
-Terrell Owens demands to be traded minutes before kickoff, overshadowing game: 3-1
-Aikman claims to have played at stadium in college against the University of Phoenix: 3-1
-There are more ads for erectile dysfunction medication than there are for beer: 7-2
-Joe Buck mistakenly refers to Eli as “Peyton”: 5-1
-Brady takes Jessica Simpson to Cabo before game just to make a point: 7-1
-Moss held to 1 catch, then claims he “didn’t really want to play”: 8-1
-Buck mistakenly refers to Eli as “Archie”: 10-1
-Buck makes comment about Gisele that borders on creepy, followed by awkward silence: 15-1
-Aikman makes comment about Brady that borders on creepy, followed by awkward silence: 8-1
-Someone on the FOX pre-game show actually picks the Giants: 22-1
-Tom Petty exposes nipple in "wardrobe malfuction": 25-1
-Plax reveals his prediction was based on his numbers in a Super Bowl box: 35:1
-Ruben Droughns gains 10 or more yards: 50-1
-Buck mistakenly refers to Eli as “Cooper”: 80-1
-Super Bowl airs without a single appearance from Frank Caliendo: 100-1


-Play clocks destroyed by Brandon Jacobs: 1.5
-Commercials featuring MC Hammer: 4.5
-Times Buck/Aikman say after Brady completion “His ankle looked fine there!”: 7.5
-Times Buck/Aikman point out that RB Brandon Jacobs “Could be a linebacker!”: 8
-References to 2004 ALCS: 22.5
-Monday articles discussing how “cool” Brady is: 31.5
-Ads for the Sarah Connor Chronicles: 138
-Times Chris Berman takes the lords name in vain during the countless hours of NFL live filming (WARNING: VIDEO BELOW CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE): 435

Video Credit: Jon Fish

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