Thursday, January 31, 2008

No, I will not title this "Here's the Scoop." Well, I guess I just did. SCOOP UPDATE

So while wandering around some of the Syracuse message boards, I found this link to the official arrest report from Public Safety in the Scoop Jardine food scandal that I posted on yesterday.
[Props to Llandz on, I don't know who you are, but props regardless for the report link]

Apparently, two girls, Maureen and Shannon, who are somehow not being charged and just hang up their cell phones on police officers, found a student ID card at Denny's. They then suggested to use the card, so they went out to breakfast with Jardine's 40 year old cousin in early January.

According to Robert Washington (Jardine's cousin), he got coffee, a donut, and the girls got pancakes eggs and juice. They then ordered food later that night, or the next day, from Goldstein Dining Hall on south campus. As an answer to my questions in the last post on Scoop, this was their order: gatorade, juice, philly cheese steaks and hamburgers. Washington had a philly cheesesteak and juice, and the girls ate philly cheese steaks, burgers and juice.

Take it as you will from Scoop's troublemaking cousin, but that's quite a bit of food for two girls. Also, how does a small breakfast and a dinner equal $115.65? I totaled how much food would have to be purchased to reach that total. These girls must be Kobayashi like in their consumption - there had to be numerous sandwiches and burgers (which go for about $5).

Two ridiculous things here. Washington ironically comes from Philadelphia, home of the cheesesteak. He has to come all the way over to Syracuse, order some horrible college knock off of the great sandwich from his hometown, and get everyone in trouble. Second, what the hell is the deal with these girls? This is Washington's statement from the report, "I called Shannon and she told me she was in class, I handed the phone to Lt. Thompson but Shannon hung up as soon as Lt. Thompson spoke to her." So you're just allowed to do that to a police officer in an investigation with no reprecussions? Good to know.

This whole thing is getting a bit absurd. Get a statement from the girls, either charge them or don't, and figure out what involvement Scoop had. Even if he took a bite of the food, I'm pretty sure stealing laptops, getting invloved in huge brawls, assaulting girlfriends or driving drunk like these Missouri players or most other incidents leading to suspension are worse than Scoop's actions. Sure, his actions warrant a suspension...but a season long punishment or even the boot from school? As the great Bob Barker would encourage his contestants to say, "That's too much!"


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Sportz Belle said...

That's some pretty funny reading... so who's Robin?

drew said...

Those girls housed that food. I guess Washington lives by the creed, "More cushion for the pushin'". Big girls need loving too...