Monday, January 14, 2008

We ain't talkin bout Mexico City, we talkin 'bout Cabo!

If you haven't seen or heard about the Terrell Owens interview after the Cowboys lost to the Giants on Sunday, it has been all over ESPN and other media outlets. After the obligatory thank you sent to God, T.O. continues on to the most referenced part, as he breaks down and begs the media not to criticize Tony Romo for taking four days off to go to Mexico with girlfriend Jessica Simpson (starting at around 1:40). He hilariously starts sniffling and saying, "he's my quarterback." Thankfully, he's wearing a pair of those sunglasses that cover half one's face, a favorite of Northface wearing collegiate females these days. While the quick 30-second crying outburst was surely amazing, what really stuck out for us was something that he said later in the longer clip of the interview (which can be seen below):

"I've always had good relationships with quarterbacks...I always know what type of person I am on the inside." (at 6:05)

While Andrew takes joy in seeing T.O. bounced from the playoffs, Pat has somewhat of a soft spot in his heart for the wide receiever. Pat can't help but enjoy his earnest remarks and the never-ending tragedy of errors that he provides all of us. But this quote isn't earnest, it's just hilariously ridiculous. Maybe T.O. is a reformed man after his near death overdose.

But honestly, what's next? M.C. Hammer declaring that he's always been good at managing his money? John Rocker claiming that subways have always been his perferred method of transportation? It's nice to see T.O. defending his quarterback instead of throwing him under a bus for once, but does he think that we're all going to forget him exploding at Donovan McNabb or suggesting that Jeff Garcia was gay? When he flips out on the sideline, has to be restrained by coaches and blows every gasket possible in the general direction of his quarterback, is “inside Terrell” just being kind?

Owens has never gotten along with a quarterback despite playing with some pretty good ones, and it feels like it's only a matter of time before Romo feels his wrath. Or, maybe, he's that changed man. Anyways, we just can't wait to see what's next. Getcha popcorn ready.

Another great tidbit from the chippy Giants-Cowboys game:

Brandon Jacobs has broken out as a running back, rushing for over 1,000 yards this season despite missing five games and parts of two others. However, he has also become a pretty entertaining trash talker. He and Cowboys receiver Patrick Crayton have been exchanging barbs all season through the media, and after the Giants win, Jacobs made sure to pile it on: “The Cowboys are a great football team. They might have had a chance to win if Patrick Crayton didn't drop the two key passes.”

Earlier in the year, Crayton had commented on how Jacobs talked a lot of trash but didn’t truly back it up, and also how the Giants were either scared of the Cowboys or trying to talk themselves into believing they could beat Dallas.

Jacobs provided the gem of the sparring earlier this season after Crayton boasted that the Cowboys were on a different level than the Giants.
“It’s unfair for him to say that,” Jacobs responded. “He sucks, first of all.”

This is really great stuff…even if Jacobs hasn’t truly established himself as a star, there’s no reason for him to tolerate any trash Patrick Crayton throws his way. Jacobs is slowly developing into a must watch player. Not for his running, which is indeed entertaining, but more-so for quotes like these and absurd clumsy touchdowns celebrations like this (sorry for the awful quality and the d-bag Patriots fan at the beginning):

Who’s messing around with the ESPN ticker?

The only thing more absurd than the Terrell Owens post-game press conference was the bottom line scrolling on the ESPN screen. In case you somehow missed it, a score briefly flashed by that stated: Detroit 58, NY 85. Was it the Shock and the Liberty? No?! It was the Isiah Thomas led New York Knicks walloping the Pistons as the game wrapped up with the Knicks routing Detroit 89-65! Granted, the Pistons had played four games in five nights, but at this point, we’re willing to take anything. What a shocker. One can only imagine how big the victory would have been with an appearance by team leader Stephon Marbury. Too bad the one time the Knicks actually do something positive, it’s completely overshadowed.

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