Monday, January 21, 2008

God, what have I done to deserve this?

Honestly, you may not want to hear me rant. But it's my blog and I will rant...I need to blow off some steam after these past few days.

If sports couldn't get any worse for me, Syracuse gets up on No. 9 Georgetown, only to go into overtime, and have a game winning three pointer rattle out. It would have been a nice bright spot in an otherwise dismal year (or three or four years) for Syracuse sports.

The overtime was just a tease, just a way to make it hurt even more. And the same thing happened yesterday. I despise the Giants and their fans - many of which are my friends. Of course, I would have liked to see nothing more than them be as miserable as me. But after it looked like they had their own Doug Brien incident, they snuck out a victory in overtime thanks to some vintage Favre headscratching throws. The missed Giants FG at the end of regulation? Just a tease.

So now we have Syracuse basketball plummeting toward the bottom of the Big East. And I have to sit down two weeks from now, if I can get myself to, to watch a Super Bowl played by the two teams I hate more than anything in this world. Forget representing New York, I absolutely hate the Giants. But I can't see Boston spoiled with another win. Can I root for the Giants? I tried to in week 17 when they played the Pats and I just couldn't do it - I just sat there with no emotion toward either team but hatred. Maybe I'll just root for some good commercials to appease my pain in between actual play.

Yet again, at least I have the Knicks. What a year.

P.S. - here's a funny/ridiculous video that made me laugh for a few minutes, because well, I guess I do hate Hitler more than the Giants.


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