Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Should We Amputate?

I am hating the upcoming Super Bowl. My co-blogger Andrew can’t wait. We’ve expressed our differences. But there’s something I think that Andrew will agree with me on. This boot incident with Tom Brady is just annoying.

Of course, a few weeks before the big game, some photographer snaps a picture of Tom Brady strolling around in a walking boot. Only hours later he’s spotted out, not limping at all, without the boot on. End of the world. He must have a broken foot! Quickly, let’s devote eight hours of ESPN and an entire NFL Live segment to it! You know what…I know that there’s a two week gap between games to kill time, but I just can’t take this story.

You may remember a few years back, in 2004, when the Boston Red Sox regrettably won a title. And, unless you were stranded on a desert island, you saw one sock dyed red with the “blood” of a Red Sox pitcher in the American League Championship Series. Curt Schilling apparently was having tendon trouble in his right ankle. Team trainers allegedly stitched up Schilling in an attempt to keep the tendon in place before Game 6 against the Yankees.

Now I know I’m a Yankee fan, but the authenticity of this sock has been questioned by more than just angry Yankee fans. I mean, if it weren’t for a sloppy job by this group of trainers that supposedly stitched it up, then it wouldn’t have been bleeding and there would be no famous sock. They probably just left a stitch open for attention. I wouldn’t put it past the Bush endorsing moron that is Curt Schilling (little side note: He’s obsessed with the video games that 12-year-olds outgrow. I don’t know how South Park missed him on their Warcraft episode but here’s a must read interview with Curt explaining his experience on a game called Everquest).

Back to this sock. Fox of course loved it and Joe Buck and Tim McCarver could not stop talking about it. It got tons of attention, just like how Tom Brady’s boot is getting 20 times more chatter than the flu that is plaguing a good deal of the Giants’ squad. So we have Schilling’s sock, and Brady’s boot. They seem like just stupid icons – icons that Boston media and fans relentlessly drool over, and then boast about if the athlete overcomes such improbable horrific odds. It’s just another annoying rally cry, and another slogan we have to hear in that infuriating accent, “but duuude, Tom Brady’s booooot!” It's lose-lose. The Patriots win, he's the next Kirk Gibson. They lose, it was because his foot was in shambles.


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