Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Curt Menafee, you are a patient man...

Drew DiSalvo is back again to give some insight into the NFL on FOX broadcast. When he’s not working on his new photo blog , he occasionally finds time to guest post here on Giving 111 Percent:

I'm not going to say I didn't see this coming, but Sunday's NFL on FOX broadcast from chilly Lambeau Field really was amazing television.

No, not because Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were actually tolerable for four quarters, but instead because of the fantastic winter hat sported by our favorite buzzcut host - Howie Long! Now Terry Bradshaw's driver's cap looked a bit ridiculous, and Jimmy Johnson's headband was wrapped so tight it appeared to cut off blood flow to his brain, but did Howie really feel it was necessary to rob a Russian soldier of his headgear?

It's amazing that the production staff actually let him sit in front of a camera with that thing on his head. But this is nothing new for anyone that knows the history of these co-hosts. One way or another, they are all insane. If not for Curt Menefee and his calming influence, the show probably would fall apart in the first ten minutes.

Let's take a quick look at the pasts of each of these FOX legends...

Terry Bradshaw
Undoubtedly the craziest of the bunch. In shows past he's gotten into heated arguments with Frank Caliendo and once kissed Jillian Barberie on the lips. Maybe it's all the hits he took as a quarterback, but this man sure is an odd one. He even started recording country albums in the mid-1970s. That's right, I said country albums. Surely I jest? Sadly, I do not.

Howie Long
This man is a different breed of crazy from Bradshaw. He's 15 years removed from the NFL, yet he’s enormous and still has that killer look in his eye from his playing days. He's the Private Pyle of the show, complete with military-cropped hair. He could kick the ass of any of those football-playing super-robots on FOX promos. And as an actor his choice of films has been phenomenal, from the classic "Broken Arrow" to "Firestorm". When someone in a movie is riding a motorcycle and throws a chainsaw through a car's windshield, and you still believe it’s possible in real life, then that mofo is bonafide crazy.

Jimmy Johnson
This man is probably not as crazy as he appears. Yes, he does get worked up from time to time and forgets that he's actually in front of a camera. Yes, his platinum helmet hair is a sight to behold. But supposedly his IQ is 162 and his nickname in college was the ever-popular Tank! And he's does those Miller Lite Man Law commercials. That's gotta count for something.

Curt Menefee
This man is normal. 100% normal. I searched the internet for dirt on him and nothing surfaced. Nothing. I'm pretty sure Curt's never jaywalked or even drank a beer. It's no mistake that he is in charge of asking the questions and moving the show along. I guess sometimes FOX does employ some common sense. And props to Curt for being the only member of the show without any headgear on Sunday.

Lastly, I do give the FOX crew credit for doing the show outdoors, unlike the pampered CBS crew, ringing cell phones and all.

-Drew DiSalvo

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