Friday, January 11, 2008

The Best Commercial that Never Was

We’ve all seen the Coors Light commercials that use footage of interviews with NFL coaches mixed with questions posed by “reporters” asking questions about Coors Light. We’ve also all seen the video of Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy’s rant at the media after an article was published that criticized one of his players(in case you haven’t, it’s posted below). Unfortunately, Gundy is not an NFL coach so it won’t be turned into a Coors Light commercial. If it were, however, this is what I imagine it would be like.

Coors Light guy 1: Hey coach, what do you say to people who say all light beers taste the same?
Gundy: That ain’t true!
Coors Light Guy 2(pointing at Guy 1): His girlfriend criticizes him for watching too much football and drinking too much Coors Light.
Gundy: You don’t downgrade him cause he does everything right!
Coors Light Guy 1: Coach, you know the newspaper didn’t say anything about Coors Light’s great taste?
Gundy: That’s why I don’t read the newspaper!! Because it’s garbage.
Coors Light Guy 2: You know some tailgate parties have other beers, and not Coors Light?
Gundy: Are you kidding me? Where are we at in society today?
Coors Light Guy 1: Coach, how many ice cold Coors Lights do you drink at a tailgate?
Gundy: 40!
Coors Light Guy 1: 40? Wow.
Gundy: I’m a man!
Coors Light Guy 2: Well, what happens when you drink a beer that’s not a Coors Light?
Gundy: It makes me want to puke.

By Andrew Vitelli

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